April 24, 2014

Santa Fe Petroleum

The foundation for Santa Fe is one of strength and integrity that can be seen in its business practices and its people with their extensive management experience and expertise in all areas of the business operation.

Santa Fe’s objective is to seek out undeveloped oil and gas fields, which maybe in a trend of known producing formations. This strategy offers the unique potential for virgin reservoir pressures still untapped which greatly strengthens the opportunity to capture commercial quantities of oil and gas reserves. These potentially untapped reservoirs are typically identified through a variety of researched information through the use of technology, databases and professional analysis.

Santa Fe manages all aspects of its business from mineral interest leasing; to drilling and operating of the wells; accounting and production of investor revenue checks; and the design, installation, and management of gas line collection systems that carry gas production to market. In addition, the application of the latest vertical and horizontal technologies are utilized along with the latest in scientific research, all of which have proven to greatly enhance the percentage of successful drilling and completion of commercial wells in the oil and gas industry. Santa Fe’s results have proven its techniques can greatly increase the opportunities for success.